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We promise to be the neighbor that always has fresh guac.

10391 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, CA 92505.

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Our family to yours, always.

Our vast, rich tapestry of history is strengthened only by our dedication to our customers, and to one another. We are a family at Northgate, rich in tradition, heritage, and in a commitment to authenticity; we are warriors of flavor, champions of inspiration and innovation, and protectors of the kitchen and your family’s table.

Don Miguel’s promise and the journey ahead

We’re a Latino market for everyone. We are hardworking, humble, loyal, innovators and auténticos. We believe in the power of family. At Northgate, we are all familia.
From our comprehensive health program at the service of our employees, to our philanthropic arm, Fundación Familia González Reynoso, Northgate is always giving back to the community that has given so much for us—it’s our way of saying thank you.

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Our team is committed to the best quality.

Our providers are part of our family; they deliver the highest quality in our most cherished products. Our certified butchers are trained to be skilled butchers, always ready to give the most perfects cuts of whatever you desire.

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Northgate Market follows its shoppers to Riverside in former Tyler Toys R Us

Northgate Gonzalez Market, close to Tyler mall, is due to open in November

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